luni, 30 martie 2015

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By the way...I no longer post on this blog for a while now so this page is done.

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duminică, 16 noiembrie 2014


In the last few days...well, weeks,
I tried to draw you with words,
But something was strange, off;
And just like the sound of broken chords

All I got were pieces of what I thought
Was you but never complete, nor completely true.
Just after that it hit me - the reason;
I realised I know almost nothing about you.

Beside the fact that your eyes glow
With what they call the last shade of blue,
And that your smile resembles the shine of the moon;
I got nothing about you, not a single clue...

First, let's take the traits of your face
And how you render my attempts to read you to uselessness,
For I don't know how your poker face works
Nor do I know if it's a curse or a bless…

Have you ever looked behind while you walk?
To see how the dust doesn't just settle to settle behind you;
Instead, it kisses every one of your steps.
How do you make this world to follow the lead of your shoe?

You’re as unpredictable as the path of a falling leaf;
Always taken up by the wind across its spreading wings
To forgotten places which are not even written on maps;
Places that are special to you because of reasons and things.

At the end of the day I don't know what to make of your words,
Coz' they are few and full of riddles which I fail to solve,
And talking to you it's like a maze and I hold no golden thread,
But I pray that you'll still give me points solely on resolve.

So, tell me again what your smile draws
For I’m at a loss every time you're smiling at me,
And I may be on drugs coz' I see shapeless butterflies
In the corner of your eyes and just like you, they are ready to flee.

Finally, I don't know what to make of your kiss,
Or why you kissed me back when I went for your lips;
With that being said, I confess that it's driving me nuts
How your silence, one by one is drowning my ships.

Although I must admit that I enjoy a good mystery
Such as you; please try not hold it against me;
The fact that I try to figure you out aided by wine.
So if you're kind, take a glass and come keep me company.

marți, 11 noiembrie 2014

Saw’raw Ger'stran

Dear stranger from Warsaw, Mazowieckie;
This is for you!
For the time you waste on my words,
And as for who you are...I have no clue,
But I trust that whoever you are - woman or man;
You find this letters of mine,
That I gather and throw aimlessly,
Ideas that sit quietly in line,
Waiting for people like you
To come and pick them up for what they are:
Attempted sights of the world by a left hand,
Depicted as stories and myths from afar
Of a place I discovered while searching for myself;
Or something, someone, to blame for a scarred heart,
Coz it's always easier to throw a blame
Than begin anew with a fresh start…

Next time you read what my fists write,
Do it with closed eyes and loud voice
For my words need your voiceprint
To rise high and the sky is their choice,

Shoot them up with the moon as your aim
Knowing that you'll never reach it...
By your own hand they'll drop among stars
And start shinning: word by word, bit by bit.

So every night from now on imagine the gates of the sky
Your personal playground in which you throw words aimlessly,
And collect celestial stories and myths, mine!
Hear them out and they'll whisper to you secrets gracefully.

duminică, 2 noiembrie 2014


There are no more roses for you darling
For my garden only grows thorns lately,
I don't know if it's the air or the fault's in the water,
But I do think that it might be a matter of safety!

Remember Ettell'o, the last rose that I gave you?
The last of its kin with its leaves tainted blue…
Remember the dew that dripped of its petals,
Right on your lips while their time was still due?

Well, now it's gone...just like my poems are,
But you probably didn't notice that either.
You never seemed to see just how far one hand
Can scribble words while looking for a breather.

'Coz even words need to breath and mine developed an addiction
To your cursed smile, forsaking the light that I gave them,
Carving deeper and deeper into your sweet tender darkness,
with scents of jasmine and sharp edges of a shining gem.

The sad thing is that your gem never really shined out for me,
only for those you redeemed worth of taking your name on their lips
And your lips close to their ear for curses are never spoken out loud,
But in silence and you’ve even hidden some in the movement of those hips!

So, at the end of it all, one answer I couldn't figure it out...
One answer to a small question with a bigger meaning: "Why not?"
But maybe some things I'm not supposed to have, just like I have failed to have you;
And this puzzle made out of words - yours; and my heart, was all for naught.

Go on now, take this world in your hands and walk out that door
You never actually entered, just stood there, with your toe in the air,
Taking forever to decide if you'll enter or not and choosing the latter;
Meanwhile, I decided that I needed a new obsession so I bought ferrets, a pair.

miercuri, 8 octombrie 2014

Va’no Per’su

when I was little,
I dreamt of mornings,
cold dreadful mornings
with no previous warnings
when, from my window,
I could eat stars for breakfast
right out of the Milky Way.
just me, the spoon
and a lot of bright stars as my pray.
I'm not sure why but,
at that age,
I liked stars and milk just the same.

thought I've sometimes been called insane,
I always saw this big thing you call Universe
like a big bowl of lights.
a full-closed ark that you could reach out
with the tip of your fingers at nights;
curious thing...
always with closed eyes,
and fear for what lied beyond
as my shaking hands
stretched into that unknown
which lacked the sometimes awful sound
of this thing called human race;
and their wheels,
their automobiles and cries,
always for things that could never fill
a human's heart
but always his ego,
coz lies,
are often spoken as truths
because we are too proud to admit
that we make mistakes
which costs us a great deal of pain
but keeps our prides intact,
so i guess this is that it takes
to feel alone when you are surrounded
by those who do care but still make faults;
and I still think that love was supposed
to find us with bruised knees,
not keeping our self in tight vaults.

take a better look next time before
putting your scarred hands and heart out of sight;
you might be surprised
by how many scars one can have
and still walk proud with them into the light.

a scar always has a story to tell
so I guess we're all storytellers here,
and remember how much you liked stories as a toddler,
before you found this thing called pride
which also brings the fear
that won't stop at making you afraid,
for one evil never comes alone.
that's how you get the guilt which with time,
it plagues your mind, flesh and bone
with this little thing called desperation...
you don't want to taste that!
coz this thing builds inside your head
and then hits you like a bat
from your blind spot when you're busy,
trying to make amends for your guilt
but you fail and more pressure is starting to built
'till you lose yourself and you tilt.

take a break from being human and come with me,
let me show you how to pick stars from the Milky Way,
forget about your pride for a night.
...try just being for a day!